Mehdi Hasan Exposes ‘Undeniable’ Danger Of Trump’s Accidental Confession

Mehdi Hasan Exposes 'Undeniable' Danger Of Trump's Accidental Confession

Mehdi Hasan of MSNBC highlighted a moment during a recent Donald Trump campaign stop in Iowa where the former president, in a misreading of his prompter, unintentionally admitted to waging an “all-out war on American democracy.” Hasan emphasized the gravity of Trump’s statement, underscoring the lack of attention and concern given to the significant threat Trump poses to American democracy.

Although MSNBC recently announced the cancellation of Hasan’s show, he used his remaining airtime to draw attention to what he considers a critical and undeniable reality. Hasan cautioned against treating the upcoming election as a normal political event, calling such a perspective “dangerous, denialist madness” and warned that it could lead to the end of American democracy. He urged viewers to take Trump’s words seriously.

See the full segment below: