Jonathan Majors’ defense accused ex-partner of “big lies” in closing arguments

Jonathan Majors' defense accused ex-partner of "big lies" in closing arguments

The closing arguments in Jonathan Majors’ assault trial unfolded on Thursday, marking the culmination of the 10-day trial where the Marvel actor faces charges of assault, strangulation, and harassment related to a domestic dispute with his ex-partner, Grace Jabbari. Majors was arrested on March 25 but released the same day, maintaining his innocence and pleading not guilty to the charges. The defense focused on questioning Jabbari’s credibility and highlighting the fear of police in the Black community, suggesting that Majors’ concerns about calling 911 were justified. His defense attorney argued against the prosecution’s reliance on Jabbari’s testimony, accusing her of dishonesty.

During the closing arguments, Majors, visibly emotional, received support from his current partner, actress Meagan Good, and family members who were present in court. The defense emphasized the impact of racial dynamics in the case, asserting that Majors’ fears about calling 911 as a Black man in America had materialized. The defense accused the prosecutors of accepting Jabbari’s alleged falsehoods and painted a picture of her credibility being compromised.

On the other side, the prosecution maintained that Jabbari’s credibility remained intact since she willingly took the stand for several days, unlike Majors, who chose not to testify. The prosecution argued that Jabbari had nothing to gain from the trial, as the charges were brought by the state, not by her. The jury will now deliberate on Majors’ fate, and if convicted on all four charges, the actor could face up to a year in jail. The trial has brought attention to issues of domestic violence, credibility, and the complex dynamics surrounding race and law enforcement.