Ukraine war live updates: European ground troops could be sent to Ukraine in future, France says

Ukraine war live updates European ground troops could be sent to Ukraine in future, France says

French President Emmanuel Macron stated on Monday that the option of deploying Western troops to Ukraine remains on the table. Following a gathering of European leaders and Western officials in Paris, discussions revolved around providing aid to Ukraine in light of its urgent requirements due to the ongoing conflict. Macron highlighted that the potential deployment of ground forces to Ukraine was a topic of consideration during the meeting.

While Macron emphasized that there is currently no unanimous agreement to officially endorse the deployment of troops, he stressed the importance of remaining open to all possibilities in the evolving situation. He asserted, “There is no consensus today to officially, openly, and with endorsement, send troops on the ground. But in terms of dynamics, nothing should be ruled out. We will do everything necessary to ensure that Russia cannot win this war.”

However, Macron refrained from providing specific details regarding which countries might contemplate sending troops, although he clarified that France holds no objections to such a move. The president’s remarks underscored the commitment of Western powers to take necessary actions to prevent Russia from achieving victory in the conflict.

In a separate development, Hungary’s approval of Sweden’s NATO membership bid marked a significant milestone after months of diplomatic negotiations and overcoming obstacles. Sweden initially submitted its application to join the military alliance in May 2022. However, Hungary and Turkey, both NATO members, had previously opposed Sweden’s bid. Nonetheless, Hungary’s recent vote in favor of Sweden’s accession signifies progress in the expansion of NATO membership.