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Here at National Review, we like to think of ourselves as well-trained in the bon mot and the mot juste. William F. Buckley Jr., this publication’s founder, was certainly skilled in this area, and we do our best to measure up to him – in this and in every other respect we can manage. But sometimes you don’t need a thesaurus to select the most appropriate word for the moment. Such is the case in this instance. The results of our latest webathon (you can donate here), in which we have declared yet again our collective intention to stand athwart the inanities and insanities of the present and ask for your support in ensuring that we can continue to do so, have induced in us a gratitude best expressed by one simple word: wow.

After all these years, we really shouldn’t be surprised by the generosity of our supporters, even as we would not think for a moment to take it for granted. Indeed, as time goes on, those keen on helping us continue our mission keep finding new ways to surprise us with the depth of their affection and the kindness of their support.

Pitching in $250, Doug writes, “Thanks for the continued sanity in a world gone mad.” It is to you we owe thanks, Doug. The lunatics may have taken over the asylum, but they’re not gonna get anywhere near National Review, thanks in large part to the support of readers like you.

Handing over $50, Brandon cheers Madeleine Kearns, our warrior on the transgender issue. “Thank you Maddy! Keep up the great work and know that you are supported by the majority even if the loudest voices seem to be full of hate. And thank you NR for employing such an influential voice with such a timely message. Please continue to fight. Please continue to stand athwart this insanity.” She will and we will, Brandon – with your help. Thank you.

Contributing $20, Sasha implores: “Keep fighting the good fight, NR!” Without the support of readers like you, we could not, but with them, we can, and we will. Thank you, Sasha.

Anthony throws a C-note in the basket, simply stating: “I stand with William F. Buckley and National Review.” Much appreciated, Anthony. If people like you stand with us, who would dare stand against us?

These are but a few of the generous souls who have opened their wallets to us of late. We are grateful for all of them, and for every single contribution, of whatever size. No gift is too small to go without our gratitude. And know that we will use every dollar in support of the mission that has earned us the rapport with National Review readers since this publication began in 1955: i.e., to provide a voice of sanity in a world that seems far too inclined to shut such voices up. We’re here to speak for the sane, and not to bow to whatever the latest craziness happens to be. Seeing the extent of those willing to support us in this mission, we must, once again, say: wow. If you wish to join their ranks, you can do so here.

Jack Butler is submissions editor at National Review Online.

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