Wisdom of Crowds | National Review

Wisdom of Crowds | National Review

Damir Marusic and Shadi Hamid invited me to join them on their podcast, Wisdom of Crowds. They are two idiosyncratic thinkers, who enjoy thinking out loud. Strangely, they wanted to talk about my book, My Father Left Me Ireland, which is over two years old at this point. This is the latest in a series of events and podcasts related to the book. I wonder if the book is suddenly cutting through because we’re no longer in the Trump era. Anyway, part one of our conversation is here, and we discuss the book as well as the yearning of young people for something our parents fear to give us: meaning and purpose. Part two is for subscribers only, and we get into questions about Islam, why it is sensible for Central European governments to resist Islamic immigration, and other questions around identity.

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