Why Not Write, ‘Only the Democrats Support This’? | National Review

Why Not Write, ‘Only the Democrats Support This’? | National Review

Nate notes that:

American voters favor Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education bill, dishonestly dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” law by progressive opponents, by a margin of 16 points, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll. The survey showed that 51 percent of registered voters approve of the legislation, which bars public schools from teaching sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) to students in kindergarten through third grade, while 35 percent opposed it.

As Nate explains, 51-35 is not especially close. Moreover, it gives the lie to the idea that it is Republicans, with their ‘controversial’ ideas, who are engaged in some sort of grand, unpopular “culture war”:

Republicans have an important opportunity to position themselves as the “party of parents”— and more broadly, of normalcy. More often than not, culture-war battles are won by the side that effectively positions itself as the normal people.

Alas, this idea still seems to be beyond the press’s recognition. Politico‘s summary of the poll reads:

For both bills, support was considerably higher among Republican registered voters, but there was also backing from independent voters

This is a polite — or, perhaps, distracting — way of saying that, yet again, the Democrats have pushed themselves out on a limb. Next time, why not just write that?

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