Why Do You Care? | National Review

Why Do You Care? | National Review

Flag at a protest against Trump administration transgender policies in New York City, 2018 (Brendan McDermid/Reuters)

Sometimes, I’m tempted not to write about these matters because, since I am religious — and worse, a conservative — my objections make it harder for sensible liberals to voice their own.

But over at Slate, Evan Urquhart writes against the “fear mongering” about trans men and their fertility. Urquhart holds that one must be insincere or pruriently obsessed to worry that minor children are taking hormone therapies or deciding on surgeries that have certain long-term consequences for their reproductive health. We are told that there is informed consent and that “transgender people are well-aware that some treatments may affect fertility.” Replace “may affect” with “almost certainly destroy.” Urquhart resorts to the now-rote superstitions and mind-body dualism of the trans movement that concern for the healthy function of organs is a concern for mere “body parts” and not the “person.”

Despite all the attempts to de-rationalize skeptics and objectors, the response “We’re just spaying mentally distressed teen girls here, and any interest in stopping it makes you the creep,” cuts no ice.

The whole thing is nothing more than a bracing admission that making omelets necessarily requires breaking the eggs.

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