Weekend at Biden’s

Weekend at Biden’s

Democrats’ freak-out about the mental state of President Joe Biden has been far too delicious for conservative media.

Democrats and the legacy media—pardon me for repeating myself—find themselves between the Scylla of a decrepit figurehead and the Charybdis of his most likely replacement, the cackling hyena oft described as “Madame Vice President.”

We conservatives must restrain ourselves from looking on with too much glee as the Left rips itself apart. This news cycle may give the Right a false sense of security.

Conservative media feel vindicated to finally see the legacy media admitting what we’ve been covering all along: Biden’s mental state is a serious problem, and it may even be disqualifying.

It’s a great “I told you so” moment, but what the legacy media gives, it can very easily take away.

CNN columnist Jill Filipovic opened up about how “members of the press feel angry and betrayed” by the way the White House supposedly hid Biden’s senility in the lead-up to the president’s horrific debate performance June 27.

“Many of us largely trusted Biden’s team when they insisted he was fine,” Filipovic admitted. “The debate made very clear that he’s not fine,” and “I think there’s rising resentment at being had.”

She suggested the legacy media had been duped, but then she revealed her true cards.

“To be clear, the Biden team could fully ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ him or send three toddlers in a trench coat to the next debate, and I would still vote Biden over Donald Trump, and will encourage everyone else to do the same,” Filipovic wrote.

The 1989 film “Weekend at Bernie’s” featured a running gag of two salesmen propping up the corpse of their dead employer, Bernie, at his posh beach house. To “Weekend at Bernie’s” Biden, the White House would simply carry his corpse around and speak on his behalf, acting as though he’s still alive. Filipovic said she prefers that to Trump reentering the White House.

Similarly, MSNBC host Joy Reid said she would vote for “Biden in a coma” over Trump, because she’s focused on “keeping Hitler out the White House.”

These sentiments reveal the underlying problem: The legacy media has been looking for an excuse to be “duped,” not because they are gullible, but because the issue of Biden’s mental acuity is politically inconvenient. The legacy media has aided and abetted the effort to dismiss concerns about Biden’s age for years—and only now do they realize the jig is up.

Conservative journalists, meanwhile, have been covering this issue for years, and we are slightly exasperated to see the legacy media finally decide they can’t hide it anymore. They finally opened their eyes to the plain truth right in front of them, after years of demonizing those of us who weren’t playing blind until yesterday.

Their belated acknowledgement of reality would be encouraging if they actually took the issue seriously. Biden may be too frail to carry out the duties of his office—not just in January 2025, but right now. This is a serious concern, serious enough that Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas—no fan of Vice President Kamala Harris—is willing to call for Harris to become acting president under the 25th Amendment because America cannot afford an empty suit at the helm as we face economic turmoil at home and wars abroad.

“Weekend at Biden’s” is not an option, and it’s quite telling that many in the legacy media who claim they were duped by the White House openly say they’re willing to get duped again for the sake of political expediency.

They may feign outrage about supposedly being duped until they’re blue in the face, but the truth is, they’d rather have a corpse in the White House than Donald Trump. Now, Biden is making it clear he’s not going away voluntarily, which means Filipovic and Reid may have to return to being “had.”

It’s “Weekend at Biden’s” or bust.

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