We Love Both the Mother and Her Baby | National Review

We Love Both the Mother and Her Baby | National Review

Christina Bennett talks about how she was once scheduled for her abortion, expresses her gratitude for her mother for changing her mind and the helps that exist for mothers. December, 1, 2021, outside the Supreme Court, during the Dobbs v. Women’s Health Organization oral arguments.

Representative Conor Lamb (D., Pa.), says he was outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday and “never saw one sign about mothers once they give birth.” I’m not sure where he was looking, but the Attorney General of Mississippi organized a near six-hour rally with signs that said “Empower Women. Embrace Life.” I still have the button they gave speakers on my coat. (Here were my two cents.) A young girl on Amtrak cheered it on Thursday night as we approached New York, and I’m not even sure she’s pro-life. Unless you are a hardened abortion activist, you can rally around this. We led with the woman, because people of good will want to know that women have the help they need. And I am still pretty sure they would recoil at the right to a dead baby.

During the course of the rally, we celebrated moms who did some incredible things to provide for their babies. Multiple speaker talked about paid family leave and other resources we need to discuss to make sure moms have a fighting chance. We talked about some of the ministries that exist that welcome women and their babies and stick with them for the long haul. You can read a little about what some of that looks like in my contribution to National Review’s “End Roe” issue.

I’m sorry you didn’t come to see us up front at the bottom of the steps of the Court, Mr. Lamb, we would have had plenty to talk about.

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