Trump Surprises Supporters With Drive-By at Presidents’ Day Rally

donald trump waves and shows a thumbs up from inside a car driving down the street

Former President Donald Trump surprised supporters Monday with a drive-by appearance at a Presidents’ Day rally near his residence in Palm Beach, Fla.

As hundreds of Trump supporters congregated on both sides of a road about a mile west of The Mar-a-Lago Club, the former president was in one of four black SUVs that slowly passed by as people cheered and waved Trump flags and American flags, per Breitbart.

Supporters chanted “USA! USA!” as Trump was spotted through the window of an SUV.

Police who were present to keep people off the road prevented crowd members from approaching the SUVs.

The vehicles continued on down the highway after rolling pass the crowd. 

The West Palm Beach event was streamed live by Right Side Broadcasting Network and also filmed by local station WPEC CBS12 News. 

Other Trump supporters also showed their affection for the former president on Monday.

A plane flew by Mar-a-Lago with a message reading: “We [heart] Trump! The Best is Yet to Come.”

On Sunday, a San Antonio, Texas woman spent more than $1,000 to have a plane fly by Trump’s residence saying, “We love you Prez Trump. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

The former president surprised his supporters two days after being acquitted at the Senate impeachment trial, which came after the House voted to impeach Trump for inciting protesters to riot the Capitol on Jan. 6.

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