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The dumbest controversy at this dumb moment in history is whether credit for the improving coronavirus situation should go to Donald Trump or to Joe Biden. While it is exciting to watch this moron-on-moron action play out, perhaps we should give credit where it is due: to big, evil, profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies, the greedtastical Wall Street goons who keep them flush with capital, and (brace yourselves!) the disproportionately immigrant medical-science work force that converts all that splendid capital into useful products, treatments, and vaccines.

Most conservatives understand how the Democrats’ anti-business agenda would impoverish the country and hinder innovation. Fewer of them appreciate the fact that nearly one in three of the Fortune 500 companies working in health care was started by an immigrant or by someone who had an immigrant parent.

You want to see the America that works? Check out Pfizer.

As this plague abates (and I assume that is, at last, what is happening) the right response is prayer and gratitude, not fighting like two idiot children in a sandbox over which relatively insignificant player in the drama gets the credit.

For God’s sake, stop it.

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