Things That Caught My Eye Today: Nigeria, Prayers for Ukraine, Disney & More | National Review

Things That Caught My Eye Today: Nigeria, Prayers for Ukraine, Disney & More | National Review

A local woman walks past a church damaged by shelling in Malyn, Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine, March 30, 2022. (Serhii Nuzhnenko/Reuters)

1. Militants Kill Mourners After Peace Meeting with Nigeria Security


3. Former Jesuit superior of Ukraine: ‘Putin is destroying the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine.’

4. The outpouring of support for Ukraine is a great thing. Can we show the same compassion for victims of other global crises?

5. Simon Maghakyan: A Vicious Circle of Cultural Erasure in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan proclaims that Armenians did not exist in Nagorno-Karabakh until the 19th century. This conspiracy theory references Caucasian Albania, a kingdom northeast of Nagorno-Karabakh that ceased existence in the ninth century. During the Soviet era, to compete with Armenian and Georgian narratives, Azerbaijani scholars claimed Caucasian Albanians as their ancestors, eventually extending the discredited theory to proclaim that Armenian heritage is stolen Caucasian Albanian heritage. In 2020, Azerbaijan introduced a new conspiracy theory, claiming that Armenian khachkar monuments are “artificially aged.”

Between 1997 and 2006, Azerbaijan covertly flattened every trace of Armenian Christianity in historically disputed areas it controlled already. Azerbaijan now says that the thousands of destroyed monuments, including the prominent churches of Agulis and the celebrated necropolis of Djulfa, never existed. That Baku would extend this project to its new dominions is brazen but unsurprising.

6. Richard W. Garnett & Nicholas Marr: Abortion Laws across the Globe and at Home

Many other political communities do address abortion in their highest laws, though. The Peruvian constitution, for example, guarantees to every person the right to life. The constitution of Poland does, too. These and other countries’ legal approaches—although not authoritative or controlling in the United States—can inform legislative enactments and reform efforts at home. Careful study of alternatives around the world does not tell us what our laws are, but foreign laws provide examples of what our laws could be.

7. Culture of Life ‘Proclaimed from the Rooftops’ in Connecticut


9.  Mom Shares How Transgenderism Led to Child’s Death


11. Leonard Sax: Is TikTok Dangerous for Teens?

TikTok is customized. It can be addictive. But is it truly harmful to teens? 

That depends on how a teen uses it. 






16. Nicole Gelinas: Public Safety on NYC Subways: No Safety in Small Numbers

17. Andrea Picciotti-Bayer: Will Justice Jackson Protect Religious Freedom?

18. Andrea Picciotti-Bayer: Truth From the Heart of a Child: ‘Confession Is a Beautiful Sacrament’

My daughter was the last child in line to confess. When it was her turn, she entered the confessional with a “cheat sheet” she had written to help her remember what prayers to recite and what faults to present. I prayed that she wouldn’t be nervous or anxious. And as she left the confessional, she walked directly to the Communion rail and knelt down. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed on the altar. She made the Sign of the Cross and prayed her penance to her dear friend Jesus. She then turned around and walked toward me, flashing a smile.

19. How the Rosary became a source of strength and meaning on a refugee bus

20. Dying Woman Invites Readers to Join Her on Her Journey Through Hospice to Eternity

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