They Only Want Leftist Zealots Teaching | National Review

They Only Want Leftist Zealots Teaching | National Review

In this PowerLine post, Paul Mirengoff highlights the blatant discrimination practiced by many officials in our public-education system. They want to ensure that students are only taught by people who completely embrace the “woke” agenda.

Mirengoff writes that, “One principal says she will ask applicants what they’ve done personally or professionally to be more anti-racist or how they ensure that the values of diversity and cultural awareness are reflected in their practice. Just giving a ‘woke’ answer isn’t enough. The principal claims ‘we can tell—are you just talking language or are you able to connect your language with what you actually do?’”

What this ensures is that (a) many highly competent teachers will be tossed aside and (b) students will be immersed in leftist cliches and disinformation daily.

Unless the people like that principal can be dislodged (and no doubt their jobs are as heavily fortified as Fort Knox), the only thing for parents to do is walk away.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

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