The ‘Right Is Freaking Out!’ Is Just a Variation of ‘Republicans Pounce’ | National Review

The ‘Right Is Freaking Out!’ Is Just a Variation of ‘Republicans Pounce’ | National Review

Michelle Goldberg, writing today on “The Right’s Disney Freakout,” says that Republicans who are critical of Disney officials — who are on tape talking about proselytizing kids — embody “elements of QAnon with old tropes about gay predators.” (I’m sure smearing every suburban parent who doesn’t want their kindergartner learning about 72 genders as a QAnon conspiracy theorist is going to be a very successful strategy.) CNN’s S. E. Cupp says that these concerns are “imaginary bogeyman.” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes claims that Republicans are starting a “war” on gay people because Fox News mentioned Disney 252 times in two days.

They do this every time. After a concerted effort by the government, activists, and corporations to normalize a woke ideological position, people are finally pushing back. And that’s when we learn that conservatives are freaking out again. It’s just an uglier variant of “Republicans pounce.” Because, of course, there was no “freakout” over Disney until it publicly opposed, and misrepresented, the parental-rights bill. By focusing and overstating the reaction to a culture-war debate that is instigated by progressives, the left is again trying to deflect from the insanity of its original position — which, it should be reiterated, is that it’s fine for teachers to talk to prepubescent kids trapped in public schools about transgenderism and sexuality against the wishes of parents.

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