The Pro-Life Movement Loves Women and Children — Let’s Show Them This Like Never Before | National Review

The Pro-Life Movement Loves Women and Children — Let’s Show Them This Like Never Before | National Review

Sisters of Life nuns sing hymns following a papal mass conducted by Pope Francis in Philadelphia, Pa., 2015. (Mark Makela/Reuters)

Pro-lifers need to step up our game. Not only do we need to step up our game, we need to reach out our hearts to people who don’t agree with us on abortion in new, real, and creative ways.

The pro-life movement is full of people who save lives. The work of so many pregnancy-care centers and maternity homes is heroic.

We all need to be more involved in that work. We do not have the luxury of simply voting for candidates who say they are pro-life. We need to be on the frontlines ourselves.

That’s basically the point of this piece we published on NRO yesterday that I wrote with longtime child-welfare advocate who knows adoption intimately, Kelly Rosati. Please read it and pass it on to your pro-life friends. We honestly think churches, particularly Texas churches right now, should be adopting pregnancy-care centers. Women should know that churches will help them without judgment.

Think of it this way: Women and girls know about Planned Parenthood. They can find an abortion clinic. Do they know there are places that will help them settle down and think through the possibilities for life?

Many of you have heard me talk about the Sisters of Life. In part because my life’s goal recently has been to successfully offer a girl an Uber ride to see the Sisters at the Visitation Mission in lower Manhattan — about a seven-minute ride. The Sisters aren’t going to force her into anything — in fact, I’ve witnessed gals who walked away from the Sisters due to overwhelming societal or familial pressures. But I’ve also been down there with babies and toddlers who were quite the fight but are alive and loved. The Sisters are a part of the lives of the mothers and children they serve for as long as the moms want. Recently, a Sister wasn’t available at a time I suggested for a virtual event because she was going on a college visit with one of the moms and her now-teen they serve. We all have to be like that in our ways.

With all that in mind, today I start what I hope to be a series of conversations with folks on the ground in Texas who are making a difference. I’ll talk with Human Coalition about what they have available to women, and I’m hoping it will inspire people to get more involved in being the solution. If Roe is overturned, states such as New York are going to double down on abortion even more than it has already. Women need to know abortion is misery and there are so many resources for life and love and hope and healing.

You can join us by RSVPing at the link here. It will also be available on the National Review Institute’s YouTube page after the fact.

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