The Pivot That Could Have Been | National Review

The Pivot That Could Have Been | National Review

It’s hard to see what saves Democrats in November at this point. Even the best State of the Union address ever delivered wouldn’t do it, and that’s obviously not what we heard last night. But there were glimmerings of what could have been an attempt “to pivot.” Biden could have said, “This should be a time of national unity, and so I’m going to just talk about things we should agree on, or that we at least all agree are important.” Then, he could have limited the address to Ukraine, inflation, Covid normality, and funding — not defunding — the police. He still would have said a lot of objectionable things, but this would have been a serious attempt to reposition himself that might, just might, have made an impression. Instead, it was mostly all the same tripe and will be forgotten by tomorrow.

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