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Gregg Gonsalves, an associate professor at the Yale School of Public Health, is displeased with a small group of liberal journalists who have advocated the end of pandemic-era policies and practices.

Gonsalves goes on to call his four horsemen of the public-health apocalypse “section-a**holes in college, boys who like to hear themselves talk on any subject,” “arrogant f****,” and to express particular frustration with Barro and Silver (“And for the two gay men among them? Public heath people saved your a**** from the AIDS epidemic. Yes, you can pontificate now because those who came before you did the f****** real work”).

“MPH graduates work hard and have worked tireless to protect American lives for decades,” he added. No doubt they have, but if this rant were meant as an advertisement for their capacity for self-control, ability to make decisions, and general temperament, it can only be regarded as a flop.

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