The 1619 Project’s Shamelessness | National Review

The 1619 Project’s Shamelessness | National Review

Silverstein now frames the Times retreat under fire as a “clarification.” Hannah-Jones, who has not written a bylined piece in the Times in over a year, continues on Twitter to aggressively defend the claim and keeps trying to dig up historical support — an implicit admission of the homework she didn’t do the first time around. Meanwhile, other requests for corrections to the work of Hannah-Jones and other essays in the project, such as its shoddy economic history, have been ignored. Why have they dug in so far on a two-year-old piece of magazine journalism? . . . As Silverstein notes with pride, “thousands of educators in all 50 states have made use of . . . educational materials” based on the 1619 Project. Hannah-Jones has a book version (“A New Origin Story”) and a 1619 Project children’s book coming out next week. It’s a profitable brand as well as propaganda.

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