Texas police arrest illegal immigrant in 16-year-old cheerleader Lizbeth Medina’s murder

Texas police arrest illegal immigrant in 16-year-old cheerleader Lizbeth Medina's murder

Lizbeth Medina, a 16-year-old residing in Texas, was tragically discovered deceased in her apartment’s bathtub on December 5th. Following this devastating event, Texas law enforcement authorities have managed to apprehend a suspect allegedly involved in her murder.

The Edna Police Department made a significant announcement on Sunday, revealing the arrest of Rafael Govea Romero, an individual identified as an “undocumented male.” They strongly believe Romero to be the individual responsible for the untimely demise of Lizbeth Medina. The swift actions of the Edna Police Department and Texas Rangers led to Romero’s arrest in Schulenburg, subsequently transporting him to Jackson County Jail on charges of Capital Murder.

In response to the arrest, the department conveyed in a press release that although Romero is now in custody, they acknowledge the ongoing grief experienced by Lizbeth’s family and friends. For the citizens of Edna, this arrest brings a semblance of peace, albeit amidst the profound loss suffered.

Jacqueline Medina, Lizbeth’s mother, when asked about the suspect, expressed no recognition or familiarity with Romero, emphasizing her need for more information from the police.

The devastating loss of Lizbeth profoundly shocked the Edna community, creating a ripple of disbelief as authorities pursued the perpetrator behind the tragic incident. Jacqueline Medina recounted her heart-wrenching discovery, revealing that upon returning home one evening, she found Lizbeth lifeless in their residence’s bathtub at the Cottonwood Apartments.

Medina described her last interactions with Lizbeth, recalling waking her up early for cheer practice before departing for work. She highlighted the disquieting silence from her daughter since approximately 7:30 a.m. that day, prompting concern among friends and family when her absence persisted.

On the day of the incident, Lizbeth, who had been unwell the prior day, was expected to attend a Christmas parade but was notably absent. Concerned and seeking answers, Medina’s quest to locate her daughter ended in the tragic discovery within their apartment’s confines.

Medina lamented her loss, expressing profound disbelief and questioning the unfathomable tragedy that befell her daughter, a girl she described as beautiful, intelligent, and remarkable. Amidst her grief, she aimed to honor Lizbeth’s memory and the positive impact she had on others’ lives.

In a touching tribute, Medina remembered her daughter as a compassionate and caring individual who touched many lives positively. A GoFundMe campaign, titled “Justice for Lizbeth Medina,” has been initiated by the family to support their quest for justice in finding Lizbeth’s suspected killer.