Surgeon General Adams: Businesses Can Help Slow COVID-19

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Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams Tuesday outlined a new report from his office that addresses the link between businesses and community health, saying that when companies invest in vital conditions including good-paying jobs, housing, childcare, and more, they also improve their own bottom lines while slowing COVID-19.

“COVID has shown us that our communities if they’re not healthy, our businesses are not going to be healthy,” Adams told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings With Maria.”

The report, compiled along with the business community, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and other entities, is a unique collaboration that helps businesses understand their role in helping to create a healthier community. 

“We want them to check out American Express, Hyatt, Bank of America,” said Adams. “These are all groups that are doing this already. We need more people to do it, to help us recover from COVID.”

Meanwhile, there are different variants of the coronavirus being reported nationally and internationally, but Adams said it’s important to understand that viruses mutate.

“This virus has already mutated 25, 30 times,” said Adams. “That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be more deadly or more contagious with any particular mutation but what it does mean is that we need to be especially vigilant about what I call the five Ws. Wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance, wait a little bit longer to gather, and when it is your turn, get vaccinated.”

In the ongoing race against the virus, he added, “we need to get to community immunity before the virus mutates away from the vaccine, and again, we need businesses, we need everyone to understand that when we all engage in these five Ws, it helps us open restaurants sooner, helps us get back to our businesses. We’re really all in this together.”

Workplaces can also help with controlling the spread by encouraging people to wear masks and to distance themselves, said Adams. 

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