Still Not Apologizing | National Review

Still Not Apologizing | National Review

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference on gun violence in New York City, July 6, 2021. (Jeenah Moon/Reuters)

Two weeks ago, when Andrew Cuomo announced that he’d resign his post as governor of New York, I noted that he had still failed to apologize for or even acknowledge his misdeeds. Though through the course of his long-lived scandal he repeated a few times that he was taking “full responsibility” for his actions, he never did any such thing, instead offering excuses and rationalizations to justify himself.

Today, on his last day in office, Cuomo continued that drumbeat, calling his resignation “unfair and unjust,” adding,

when government politicizes allegations and the headlines condemn without facts, you undermine the justice system. And that doesn’t serve women and it doesn’t serve men. Of course everyone has a right to come forward, and we applaud their bravery and courage in doing so but allegations must still be scrutinized and verified.

A far cry from the governor who signed legislation making it nearly impossible for anyone accused of sexual harassment or assault to have due process under the law. It’s astonishing that Cuomo chose to step down from his post before he’d actually admit to having done anything significantly wrong.

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