Stephen Miller: Biden Border Policies Creating Public Health Crisis

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President Joe Biden, through his executive actions and policies on immigration, is creating a “self-inflicted” public health crisis at the nation’s border with Mexico because many of the people who are allowed to enter the country have COVID-19,  former Trump administration senior adviser Stephen Miller said Thursday. 

“Under our policies, [illegal immigrants] were being caught and they were being safely returned to their home countries,” Miller said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “Under this president, many are released directly into U.S. communities, untested, unmasked. Many have COVID.” 

But in just two weeks, Biden eliminated the tools the Border Patrol needs to keep the country safe and to end the catch-and-release policy, said Miller 

“He canceled our deal with Mexico and Central American nations,” said Miller “He’s got rid of the regulations that we put in place to turn away fraudulent asylum seekers. He’s taken away from the Border Patrol the basic tools they need to keep the country safe. That’s why you’re seeing what you’re seeing.”

Miller also claimed that by putting a “tent city” at the border and reinstating catch-and-release policies, the Biden administration is forcing migrant children to be in contact with drug smugglers and human traffickers.

But under former President Donald Trump, Miller said, there was a policy in place to “safely and humanely return illegal immigrant minors to their families in their home countries,” which “saved lives” and put smugglers out of business.

“The Biden administration turned that policy off and is now having a policy of 100% release for illegal immigrant minors,” said Miller. “It means instead of being able to put people in safe and humane conditions, they are put in some of the worst conditions imaginable in journey, ultimately arriving at the tent city in the United States. This is completely and entirely needless. Turn back on the Trump policies and you’ll save the lives of children and you will keep our borders secure.”

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