South Dakota Gov Noem banned from tribal reservation over remarks on US southern border

South Dakota Gov Noem banned from tribal reservation over remarks on US southern border

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has faced repercussions after expressing her intent to enhance border security by sending razor wire and personnel to the U.S.-Mexico border. In response to her comments, President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Frank Star Comes Out, issued a statement on social media, declaring Governor Noem banned from the Pine Ridge Reservation. The president cited concerns for the safety of the Oyate, referring to the people or nation, and emphasized the immediate implementation of the ban.

Accusing Governor Noem of exploiting border issues for political gain, Star Comes Out alleged that her motivation was to secure former President Trump’s reelection and increase her chances of being chosen as his vice president. He condemned the dehumanization of individuals seeking better lives and job opportunities, particularly indigenous people from regions like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico. Star Comes Out criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his approach, rejecting the mistreatment of individuals reminiscent of past policies.

Additionally, the tribal leader expressed offense at Noem’s remarks about the “Ghost Dancers,” associating them with cartels. Star Comes Out emphasized the sacred nature of the Ghost Dance ceremony and accused Noem of displaying blatant disrespect and insulting the Oyate. The governor’s comments, made during a speech to the legislature, characterized the southern border situation as an invasion led by Mexican drug cartels, asserting that the states faced a common enemy.

Governor Noem responded to Star Comes Out’s statements, expressing disappointment that he injected politics into a discussion about federal failures to enforce laws at the southern border and tribal lands. She reiterated her commitment to addressing border-related issues collaboratively and building relationships with Native American tribes. Noem, who has deployed South Dakota National Guard troops to the border multiple times, defended her focus on problem-solving and urged cooperation.

The ongoing dispute highlights the intersection of border security, tribal sovereignty, and political discourse, emphasizing the challenges faced by leaders in navigating these complex issues. The banishment of Governor Noem from the Pine Ridge Reservation reflects the heightened tensions surrounding the border debate and the differing perspectives within affected communities.