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Slightly Off | National Review

Some of you will remember the story — it is a myth — about President George H. W. Bush being so out of touch that he was baffled by a supermarket price-scanner. Like John Ashcroft clothing a naked statue of Lady Justice, it is mostly fiction, but it is fiction that is politically useful to Democrats. Dan Quayle thinking people speak Latin in Latin America? Same thing.

President Joe Biden apparently thinks there are just four meatpacking facilities in the United States — a country where we slaughter 100,000 cattle, 350,000 pigs, 700,000 turkeys, and 24 million chickens every day.

There are about 4,000 slaughterhouses and another 4,000 processing plants that do not slaughter. They employ about 527,000 people, according to the Meat Institute.

Joe Biden has been in elected office longer than I have been walking the Earth. It would be no surprise if he were a little bit out of touch.

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