Rep. Dan Bishop on Newsmax TV: Kids Before Teachers Unions

Rep. Dan Bishop on Newsmax TV: Kids Before Teachers Unions

Democrats are kowtowing to the teachers unions that fund their campaigns, but opening schools has to be about American children and not politics, according to Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., on Newsmax TV.

“Democrats lawmakers are going to have to do something other than pay lip service to the idea of returning to school,” Bishop told Saturday’s “The Count.” “A lot of people talking about enormous appropriations of additional money for schools.

“It’s fine to take care of the problems schools may have getting back from COVID, but what the CDC has said is it’s safe to do so and the money that’s been appropriated previously for schools has not been spent.”

Bishop noted President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout includes $130 billion more for schools, but only 5% would be spent before September 2021.

“The answer is they really don’t want to get kids back in school because the unions oppose it,” Bishop added to host Joe Pinion.

“They delay and delay and delay getting kids back in school in order to fight about, or argue about, bicker about other things.”

Bishop called on local parents to speak out against the Democrat establishment and teachers unions keeping their districts closed.

“Parents are rally fed up, so we need them to amplify their voices,” said Bishop, who is proposing legislation for opportunity grants for parents who are disenfranchised by their district to seek alternative school choices as they see fit.

“The idea of educational choice is an 80% issue,” he continued. “Everyone agrees that parents should have choice for their children’s education, to do what’s best for their child. Everyone agrees the money should follow the child.”

Everyone except teachers unions, but the coronavirus pandemic is making school choice pushed by the Trump administration more important than ever, Bishop concluded.

“This brings it to a specific point, a point where action seems inevitable,” he said.

“Choice in education is the civil rights issue of the 21st century and I think COVID has added to the punctuation point to it. Now is the time. Let’s get it done now.”

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