Remote Learning Was a Disaster | National Review

Remote Learning Was a Disaster | National Review

From a new working paper, out today via the National Bureau of Economic Research (emphasis mine):

We combine Spring 2021 state standardized test score data with comprehensive data on schooling in the 2020-21 school year across 12 states. We find that pass rates declined compared to prior years and that these declines were larger in districts with less in-person instruction. Passing rates in math declined by 14.2 percentage points on average; we estimate this decline was 10.1 percentage points smaller for districts fully in-person. Changes in English language arts scores were smaller, but were significantly larger in districts with larger populations of students who are Black, Hispanic or eligible for free and reduced price lunch.

Everyone age five and up has access to vaccines now — and kids were never at much risk to begin with. In the face of consequences on this scale, there are no more excuses for remote instruction, try as some districts might to find one.

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