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Reaper, Heal Thyself | National Review

Florida resident Daniel Uhlfelder dressed as the grim reaper (Screengrab via WMBB News 13/YouTube)

Daniel Uhlfelder, the clownish lawyer who spent much of 2020 running around Florida’s beaches telling people that they were going to die if they stayed outside in the fresh air, has decided that he wants to lose a statewide election. “Today,” Uhlfelder wrote on Twitter this morning, “I am announcing my candidacy for Attorney General in Florida. Ron DeSantis and his sidekicks in Tallahassee have been warned.”

“Warned” about what, one wonders? That there’s yet another ridiculous grifter within the Florida Democratic Party? That, in what looks near-guaranteed to be a bad year for Democrats, the party is going to find it even harder to direct cash at credible candidates? That the anti-DeSantis hysteria is going to get even sillier this year? George Orwell observed that “A man may take to drink because he feels himself to be a failure, and then fail all the more completely because he drinks.” The Florida Democratic Party is developing a similar problem. It loses, so it attracts losers, so it loses, and so forth. Reaper, heal thyself.

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