Psaki Lies about DeSantis and Vaccines | National Review

Psaki Lies about DeSantis and Vaccines | National Review

Ron DeSantis took a well-deserved swipe at the White House’s ineptitude on testing yesterday when announcing that Florida would be sending a million of its Covid-19 tests to seniors. When asked about these comments, White House press secretary Jen Psaki shot back: “I would say it’s pretty rich coming from Governor DeSantis, given he has been someone who’s been advocating, not exactly advocating, for people in his state to get vaccinated, which we know is the way that people can be protected, ways that lives can be saved.”

This is an easily provable lie. It takes mere minutes to find numerous instances of DeSantis advocating — “exactly” — for his constituents to get vaccinations, as he did this summer at a press conference in which he said they “save lives”: “I think the most important thing with the data,” DeSantis noted, “if you are vaccinated — fully vaccinated — the chance of you getting seriously ill or dying from Covid is effectively zero.” Now, it’s certainly true that DeSantis hasn’t taken a Winter Is Coming attitude or supported mandates or shutdowns. And he won’t even let left-wing pundits know his booster status, if you can imagine such a thing. But over 63 percent of Floridians are fully vaccinated, which is higher than the national average. Over 90 percent of the elderly are. Unlike other states, however, the everyday lives of Floridians aren’t being constantly subverted by useless school shutdowns, mandates, and restrictions on movement.

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