Protect Thanksgiving from the Irish | National Review

Protect Thanksgiving from the Irish | National Review

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An Irish political party put this tweet out, proposing the addition of a new “bank holiday” to the Irish calendar, landing on a November Monday:

Because of their history of emigration to America and the power of American media beaming across the world, the Irish are somewhat Americanized already. But lines need to be drawn. Thanksgiving is the greatest national holiday, period. And I’ve welcomed my own Irish family to join us for it in America. But, this idea of adopting an ersatz Irish Thanksgiving is offensive.

I hate this idea for many reasons.

1) I hate it because it has now turned me against “cultural appropriation,” which is normally healthy.

2) I hate it because this is transparently an attempt to create something for retailers in Ireland, where for years, there has already been something like a “Black Friday” promotion in November. In America, Black Friday grew out of the holiday, it wasn’t the cause of the holiday. It would be ironic if the “spiritual nation” of Ireland adopted it for the lucre, when the commercial Republic of America saw it only as an outgrowth of a day dedicated to thanking God.

3) The Irish already have something of a tradition of holiday shopping done on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. This brings them in line with other European Countries. Build out from there.

4) I hate it because it’s giving every Irish mid-wit on Twitter a chance to say that Thanksgiving “celebrates colonialism.” Shut up. This is as dumb as saying a trad seisiún at an Irish pub is about killing Danish or English immigrants. Actually, I better not give Irish mid-wits ideas. Trad seisiúns are cool.

5) I hate it because it reminds me that America has lost its swaggering confidence. If the French can pull their diplomats over a submarine deal, this tweet alone should be the cause of a naval blockade of Ireland until Fine Gael desists.

6) I hate it because they are missing that the genius of Thanksgiving is that it falls on a Thursday. What morons Fine Gael are.

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