Pro-Palestinian Protesters Block White House, Demand Cease-fire

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Block White House, Demand Cease-fire

It was difficult to hear any mention from protesters outside the White House on Monday about the deadly terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel, as hundreds chanted “free Palestine” and vowed to block the White House until the Biden administration demanded a cease-fire.

One group of protesters sat outside an entrance to the White House chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free.” That slogan implies the eradication of Israel.

Numerous signs called for stopping the “genocide in Gaza.” Other signs said “No to War. No to Apartheid.”

The rally was sponsored by the left-wing group If Not Now and claimed to include Jewish supporters. Signs included “Jews Against War.” Others carried Palestinian flags.

One speaker on a megaphone insisted the group must be willing to get arrested to stop the war in Gaza.

Uniformed Secret Service and D.C. police swarmed the area and reportedly clashed with some of the protesters.

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