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Our friends at National Review Institute have accomplished a lot this last year. Please consider supporting NRI with a tax-deductible, end-of-year gift so it can continue to grow and strengthen the NR Nation through its educational programs and outreach events. Many of my NR colleagues have written letters encouraging support for NRI:

  • Douglas Murray wrote about his gratitude to NRI, which made his presence in the U.S. possible.
  • David Bahnsen extolled NRI’s National Review Capital Matters project as a vanguard of free enterprise.
  • Andy McCarthy fondly recalled honoring the Federalist Society’s Leonard Leo and Eugene Meyer at the NRI annual dinner.
  • Jay Nordlinger praised NRI’s educational programs, which are influencing conservatism’s next generation.

These pitches, and others by Peter Travers and Kevin Hassett, can be found here. Giving is quick and easy through NRI’s secure online portal. Please join us in supporting an institution that is key to ensuring a bright future for National Review, and, we hope, for all of us.

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