Parents Rally for In-Person Schooling After CDC Report

Parents Rally for In-Person Schooling After CDC Report

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Duke Health that suggests in-person learning is generally safe if guidelines are followed has parents across the country rallying for schools to reopen, Fox News reports.

Last Saturday, North Carolina mother Kelly Mann, who had to leave her full-time job to care for her three daughters during the coronavirus pandemic, helped to arrange a rally with hundreds of local educators and parents in support of opening schools outside the governor’s mansion.

“It’s insanity. It’s not education. North Carolina is not serving children. They’re not upholding the right to an education right now, and this is fully political,” Mann told Fox News. “We have the science, we have the facts, we have the medical experts. We know schools should be open for our children.”

Similar rallies occurred in Michigan and New Jersey, but some educators in North Carolina, specifically in Cabarrus County, rallied against reopening on Monday.

“15 North Carolina educators have died of COVID, that’s 15 too many. It is a preventable disease. We need to be caring for our students and school staff the same way we care for our families,” Cabarrus County Schools teacher Meredith Newman told local news station WBTV. “We want kids in the classroom, we want to fully reopen, but it’s just not safe for that yet.”

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