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Our Upside-Down System | National Review

President Joe Biden waves as he arrives at Fort McNair on his way back to the White House to deliver a statement on Afghanistan, in Washington, D.C., August 16, 2021.
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Jon Cooper points out that American citizens are paying their own government up to $2,000 each for the privilege of being rescued from Afghanistan.

I’m a broken record, I know, but we really are reaching the point at which the federal government’s enthusiasm for doing the things it’s not supposed to be doing is crowding out its ability to manage the things that it was instituted to do in the first place. Long after the need for COVID “relief” had passed, Washington D.C. persisted in spending billions upon billions of dollars to put cash in voters’ hands. Today, Joe Biden canceled 300,000 student loans. Within a few weeks, he is set to ask for another $3.5 trillion in spending. But when a few thousand Americans need evacuating from a disaster zone of Biden’s own making, they’re asked to open their wallets. It’s absurd.

Lamenting the endless social meddling in which the modern executive branch tends to engage, I often joke that I hope the next president will be elected and then quickly disappear unless there’s a war or a foreign crisis. Well, we have a foreign crisis now, and, suddenly, Joe Biden is quieter than he has ever been. This the exact opposite of how it is supposed to work.

Across almost all facets, our system is hopelessly upside-down. I hope people are beginning to notice that.

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