Only Women Belong in Women’s Prisons | National Review

Only Women Belong in Women’s Prisons | National Review

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The Times of London reports:

Twelve trans prisoners convicted of violence or sexual crimes have been accommodated in Scottish women’s jails within the past 18 months, according to figures released under Freedom of Information laws.

As if that couldn’t get worse, it turns out that only one of the prisoners had had his male equipment surgically removed; the rest were “self-identifying” as female. The pushback against this policy was intensified after the case of Karen White, a transgender-identifying rapist and child abuser, who used his fully intact male body to sexually assault female inmates at New Hall prison in England.

In the United States, shutting up violent and predatory male offenders with women would surely constitute “cruel and unusual punishment.” And yet the Associated Press reported in September that the Justice Department is “reviewing its policies on housing transgender inmates in the federal prison system.” This madness is already happening in California.

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