On Harris, Spending, and Inflation | National Review

On Harris, Spending, and Inflation | National Review

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My latest New York Post columns: Kamala Harris is failing:

The latest news is that a group of high-powered Democratic women, led by a prominent public relations specialist, gathered over dinner to strategize how to rehabilitate the vice president’s public image. That is generally not a sign that things are going well. Democrats in 2024 may have a Joe Biden problem. Biden has visibly slowed already, and he will be 82 by then. But they might prefer that to having a Kamala Harris problem on top of the ticket. We should all hope for Biden’s good health in the meantime.

Democrats are playing with fire with spending and inflation:

There are two things the government shouldn’t do in that situation. One is spend a ton more money, expanding the amount in circulation. The other is to drive up wages and demand. Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing both. Businesses have to offer higher wages to compete with extended unemployment benefits. Senate Democrats passed a $3.5 trillion budget resolution Wednesday morning, a package stuffed with more benefits. This is on top of $1.9 trillion the Democrats spent in January. There’s also a bipartisan bill with $550 billion in new infrastructure spending. This is the wildest peacetime spending spree in U.S. history. The $6 trillion price tag is over $46,000 for every household in the country. By comparison, the federal government spent $4.1 trillion, in current dollars, fighting World War II.

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