No Educational Institutions Are Safe from the Woke Mob | National Review

No Educational Institutions Are Safe from the Woke Mob | National Review

“Progressives” want to dominate every aspect of education and have found ways of infiltrating even institutions that you might think would be impervious.

What about business schools? Isn’t teaching future business leaders the finer points of management something that can’t be politicized?

No, argues Fergus Hodgson in today’s Martin Center article. He writes,

This conquest by the woke mob will surprise many observers, given business schools’ distinct presence on campus: focusing on corporate profitability and practical concerns more than academic inquiry.

Notwithstanding, progressive dominance has become monolithic and largely unchallenged. Self-righteousness and dogmatic intolerance from true believers make pushing back against their initiatives a recipe for retribution. Contrarians keep their heads down, withdraw from public discourse, and migrate to private discussion forums and off-campus gatherings.

Among the examples of woke domination is the trouble that UCLA professor Gordon Klein found himself in when he resisted demands that black students be graded more leniently than whites after the death of George Floyd.

One reason why leftism has gained control is the power that accreditors have over educational institutions. They are firmly under the heel of leftism and pressure business schools to include “social justice” junk. And students who disagree had better keep their opinions to themselves, Hodgson advises.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

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