Newly Flush Amtrak Can’t Make the Trains Run on Time | National Review

Newly Flush Amtrak Can’t Make the Trains Run on Time | National Review

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his wife Jill greet supporters as they prepare to board an Amtrak train to begin a campaign train tour in Cleveland, Ohio, September 30, 2020. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

You couldn’t make it up. Reacting to the passage of the infrastructure bill last month, the head of Amtrak, Bill Flynn, gushed that the infusion of cash would be “absolutely transformational and more funding than we’ve had in our 50 year history combined.”

Today, Amtrak confirms that, thanks to President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate, it will not be able to run its trains properly next year:

Amtrak expects it won’t have enough employees to operate all its trains next month when it plans to enforce Covid-19 vaccine requirements.

As Amtrak prepares to comply with the federal vaccine mandate, it will likely need to temporarily reduce frequency, particularly on its long-distance services, Stephen J. Gardner, president of Amtrak, said in written testimony for a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing. About 94% of the rail company’s workers have been fully vaccinated as of this week.

Top men.

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