New York Times: Mandates Did Not Generate ‘Any Significant Increase In Rate of Vaccinations’ | National Review

New York Times: Mandates Did Not Generate ‘Any Significant Increase In Rate of Vaccinations’ | National Review

People hold placards as they march to protest New York City’s COVID vaccine mandate in New York City, October 25, 2021. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

The New York Times: “Across many different ways of analyzing the data, states and cities with vaccination mandates did not seem to see any significant increase in the rate of vaccinations after the mandates, possibly because many of those areas already had relatively high vaccination rates.”

Come on. A “relatively high vaccination rate” could be 80 percent of those eligible; a vaccination mandate should get vaccinations up to the high 90-some percent, exempting only those with medical reasons to not get vaccinated. If vaccine mandates were effective in influencing behavior, we should have seen at least some bumps in the lines after those mandate requirements went into effect.

Across the charts, from the naked eye, it is hard to tell the states with vaccine requirements from the states that didn’t have vaccine requirements. It’s also hard to tell any significant change in the rate of increase from before or after the Delta variant wave. The adult vaccination rate had its biggest variety of rates of increase, among the states until June, and then, with all of the lowest-hanging fruit picked, they all slowly and steadily increased at roughly the same rate.

The Times also calculates “at least 49,000 people have left their jobs or have been disciplined at work because they did not comply.”

You know who those 49,000 people do not include? Federal workers!

American Federation of Government Employees said that administration officials have told the union that agencies for now will continue offering counseling and education to the roughly 3.5 percent of workers who have yet to receive a vaccination or request an exemption…

Thus far, no agency has set a time frame for when it plans to step up more-aggressive discipline against unvaccinated employees without exemptions. Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough has said, for example, that the process at his agency could take months.

It is important for everyone to get vaccinated, or face the consequences… except for federal government workers, apparently.

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