More Misplaced Big-City Priorities | National Review

More Misplaced Big-City Priorities | National Review

In response to Chicago Drivers Get Speeding Tickets Every Eleven Seconds

Daniel notes below that a reduced threshold for the automatic issuing of speeding tickets in Chicago means one ticket is now issued in Chicago every eleven seconds. Bemoaning the misplaced priorities of government enforcement of the law, he adds:

That’s a theme in the contemporary American city: More public energy is devoted to ensuring that kindergarteners wear masks than that violent crime is punished.

Loath as I am to produce Beltway-centric screeds, I would add a similar complaint about Washington, D.C. While it entered the New Year with a dramatic shift from an unusually restriction-free environment to one of the most biomedically tyrannical jurisdictions in the nation, in the face of the first snowfall of 2022, the city has done basically nothing. In driving and running around the city since yesterday, I have encountered scant evidence that the city government has done much of anything at all about the snow.

Perhaps a reconsideration of priorities is in order.

Jack Butler is submissions editor at National Review Online.

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