May I Be So Bold As to Ask You – Even Beg You – for a Birthday Present? | National Review

May I Be So Bold As to Ask You – Even Beg You – for a Birthday Present? | National Review

Some of the Sisters of Life at a profession anniversary celebration for some of the Sisters. (Kathryn Jean Lopez)

Tuesday (March 22) is my birthday. And a few years ago, I noticed that Facebook encourages birthday fundraisers. So, I did one for the Sisters of Life. But the next year I realized I don’t need a middleman, and we raised a few thousand dollars for the Sisters. This year, I’d like to show them we really love them. Here’s the thing: The Sisters of Life, as you may know, are women religious who are dedicated to ending abortion in America. They walk with moms. They invite pregnant women into their homes. They love women back to life and are a virtual support emotionally, materially, and of course spiritually to women and their children and families. They also more generally and individually show people they are loved. They try to give people a little glimpse into the love God has for them. Their lives can be heart-wrenching, too, because not all the babies are born. They also work with women in their healing from abortions, sometimes decades later. If you are pro-life, you should be supporting the Sisters of Life. If you simply want to know women have options, you should be supporting the Sisters of Life.

It will be a good birthday for me if the Sisters of Life are financially loved on during these days. Thank you for considering. God has called themselves to be mothers to many. Their “yes” to him has made them available to nourish life.

Use this link and I’ll be able to report back how we did.

Last year we made $8,480. This year, the Sisters turn 30 and I have the crazy wish we could raise $30,000. They are at a new point in the life of the community. Roe v. Wade may be overturned by the Supreme Court, and New York, where they were founded, will be one of the abortion destinations for states where the unborn are protected. There are about 120 Sisters in full profession or formation currently. They are wanted all around the country and even the world (they come from the same). They need more places to house women and babies. They need more space to do their mission work. They are currently facing an unexpected challenge that makes clear they shouldn’t be renting from Church property in the future – because of all the challenges facing the institutional church. They are going to have to own. That requires the generosity of friends.

Here’s a video the Sisters put together about their Visitation Mission:


Here they are jamming (along with the Hillbilly Thomists) with an audience of moms and babies and children and local friends around Christmastime:

One of the Sisters was previously in the Navy.

Here’s some more inspirational music:

I just started us out with donation of $300 in gratitude for life and for them. I’ll probably give more on my actual birthday Tuesday. This is my only Dobbs-year birthday, after all. I need to make it count for a culture of life in thanksgiving and preparation for what may be to come.

We all need to be stepping up to the plate more for a culture of life to have a shot. Giving to the Sisters is one way.

Again, here is the link. Thank you!

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