Marjorie Taylor Greene files complaint against Fulton DA Fani Willis

Marjorie Taylor Greene files complaint against Fulton DA Fani Willis

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has reportedly lodged a criminal misconduct complaint against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade in connection with the Georgia election interference case. Greene alleges an improper relationship between Willis and Wade, prompting her to request a criminal investigation.

The complaint asserts that Willis and Wade had traveled together, with Greene claiming that District Attorney Willis used official funds to pay Special Prosecutor Wade almost $700,000. If proven true, Greene argues these allegations would demonstrate “Fani Willis’ serious lawlessness, including potential violation of public oath,” as well as other Georgia statutes.

The accusations were initially presented in a motion filed on Monday by Michael Roman, a co-defendant of former President Trump in the Georgia election interference case. Roman seeks the removal of Willis, Special Prosecutor Wade, and the District Attorney’s office from the case. Notably, the motion lacks direct evidence of a romantic relationship but references “sources with knowledge.”

Roman’s attorney stated, “Admittedly, this is a bold allegation considering it is directed to one of the most powerful people in the State of Georgia, the Fulton County District Attorney.” The attorney argues that the district attorney’s fame and power do not change the fact that she appointed a special prosecutor with whom she had a personal relationship.

CNN reports that Willis received a witness subpoena to appear at a deposition for Wade’s divorce earlier this week. Both Willis and Wade have declined to comment on the matter. Lawyers for Joycelyn Wade, Nathan Wade’s spouse, note the ethical duty to uphold a court order sealing divorce-related documents. A court hearing on Jan. 31 will address a motion to unseal these documents by Roman’s attorneys.

Roman, a former Trump campaign worker, urges the removal of key figures in the election interference case. Congresswoman Greene, a staunch ally of Trump, has consistently criticized the investigation into the 2020 Georgia election. Former President Trump commented on the situation, describing the district attorney as “totally compromised” and suggesting the case be dropped.

In August 2023, District Attorney Fani Willis charged Trump and 18 others following a 2-1/2 year investigation into their efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Four co-defendants have entered guilty pleas, and Willis advocates for a trial in August 2024. Roman faces seven charges related to the election interference case.

As of now, District Attorney Fani Willis has not responded to Congresswoman Greene’s claims. A spokesperson for the Fulton County District Attorney stated that the office would “respond in court” to Roman’s filing.