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Making It Worse | National Review

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, November 20, 2018 (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

In response to California Wants to Double Its Taxes

A hallmark of American policy and politics in the 21st century is a willingness — an eagerness, even — to make things worse rather than admit one’s cockamamie ideas aren’t working out.

Inflation accelerating at a historic pace? Cowbell the sh** out of federal spending.

Legacy of the Capitol riot hurting the MAGA brand? Call it a “fedsurrection” and blame the whole thing on the FBI.

Residents fleeing California in droves to escape crushing costs? Double their taxes, that’ll learn ’em.

As Dominic Pino astutely points out in his post on the latter example, California’s proposed constitutional amendment imposing those taxes (for a new health-care system) “could hardly be better designed to make sure that population decline continues.”

And much like the Biden administration can then blame greedy grocery stores for inflation’s persistence, and much like the Q freaks can blame the deep state when the false-flag narrative fails to catch on, California’s stewards, too, can find a worthy scapegoat to explain its guaranteed population leakage long-term.

Let’s start blaming Texas now, and save everyone some time.

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