LA’s DA Houses a Trans-Identifying Child Molester with Underage Girls | National Review

James Tubbs was two weeks away from his 18th birthday when he walked into the women’s restroom at a Denny’s in Palmdale, Calif., and forcibly molested a ten-year-old girl. Tubbs is now 26 years old and identifying as a woman.

Thanks to LA’s District Attorney, George Gascon, Tubbs will serve his sentence — which could be as little as six months of a two-year sentence — at a juvenile-detention facility. There, he will be housed with the females in isolation.

Since Tubbs is to be held in isolation anyway, why can’t he do so in the male wing of an adult prison? It is wildly inappropriate, and an insult to his victim, for this adult sexual predator to be housed with underage girls.

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