Kevin vs. Me on January 6 | National Review

Kevin vs. Me on January 6 | National Review

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Kevin doesn’t love my japery about January 6 media overkill, calling such posts “an attempt at changing the subject. I do not think it is time to change the subject yet.”

January 6 was an important event, and we should not allow anything like it to happen again. It was more than just “milling around” although less than an insurrection. But I think that last year’s events may be, by this point, the most-investigated six hours in American history and that further investigation is unlikely to yield much useful information about the MAGA fanatics at the center of the riot. We pretty much know what happened, and the perpetrators are properly being brought to justice. I feel reassured by this.

Without underplaying the riot itself, though, it is possible to dismiss the media frenzy about it as yet another cynical and self-serving attempt by the Left to alter the rules of the game in its favor. In other words, I think it is Democrats who are “changing the subject.”

It seems very, very obvious to me that the Democrats and the media see this as yet another crisis that must not be allowed to go to waste, and they are misusing it to argue for a breathtakingly radical federal takeover of the election process in a way they think will benefit Democrats and render Republicans irrelevant at the federal level. They are doing this with almost the narrowest imaginable margin at the Capitol and despite enjoying nothing like the resounding electoral “mandate” they always claim is a prerequisite should any narrowly elected Republican president ever try to do anything. I believe Kevin hates and fears Trump supporters a lot more than I do; my fears are rooted deeply in the actions of the Democratic Party.

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