Judging Judge Jackson’s Judges | National Review

Judging Judge Jackson’s Judges | National Review

This morning, Slate published Dahlia Lithwick’s argument that Republicans who eschew personal attacks on Judge Jackson in favor of criticism of the shared judicial ideology of Democratic judges are “erasing” her, which is — guess what? — “ultimately just a different form of racism and sexism.”

“McConnell is prepared to call her amply qualified,” Lithwick complains, “yet he is content to deny her the opportunity to prove her qualifications to the world.”

I think that this spin has been overtaken by events — it will be succeeded by indignant cries that Republicans are smearing Judge Jackson — but it does make you wonder what Republican approach to a Democratic nominee would meet Lithwick’s approval. I’m guessing celebratory assent, ideally followed by ritual self-disembowelment.

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