Infrastructure State of Play | National Review

Infrastructure State of Play | National Review

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Last night, Montana Democratic senator Jon Tester emerged from a meeting of the Senate negotiators on the bipartisan infrastructure deal and declared that the bill would be done by noon today.

Noon came and went with no deal, and at 2:30 p.m. today Senate Republicans are expected to unanimously vote against opening up debate on a shell bill (that would be the vehicle for the bipartisan infrastructure bill if and when it gets done).

Where do things go from there? Nothing is certain, but one plugged-in GOP Senate aide tells me that the legislative text could realistically be finalized in four to five days, and then the Congressional Budget Office will need time to score it. 

There would then likely be another vote to open up debate on an infrastructure bill next week, and the GOP aide expects there will be ten or more Republican votes needed to open up debate.

GOP senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota tells Politico today that he’d be willing to advance the bill next week if there’s a “gentlemen’s agreement”: 

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