‘Houseless’ Exempted from Oregon Outdoor Mask Mandate | National Review

‘Houseless’ Exempted from Oregon Outdoor Mask Mandate | National Review

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is requiring everyone — vaccinated and un alike — to wear masks outside, even though the chance of transmission while outdoors is minuscule. But guess which cadre is exempt from the rules that apply to almost everyone else? “Persons experiencing houselessness.” From the directive:

The rule aligns with the exceptions outlined in the recent statewide indoor mask requirements, and does not apply to:

  • Children under 5 years old;

  • Individuals who are actively eating, drinking, or sleeping — as well as individuals living outdoors, such as persons experiencing houselessness;

  • Persons playing or practicing competitive sports, or engaged in an activity in which it is not feasible to wear a mask — such as swimming;

  • Individuals delivering a speech or performing — such as with outdoor music or theater;

Of course! The USA has become a Salvador Dali painting.

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