Hillary’s MasterClass Could Be Amazing | National Review

Hillary’s MasterClass Could Be Amazing | National Review

Hillary Clinton is a wife, mother, lawyer, senator, secretary of state, and perhaps the first front-runner to lose two presidential races. On December 9, she will share her experiences, teaching a MasterClass course on “the power of resilience”:

Yet there are so many potentially useful and educational classes she could offer but won’t, such as:

-How to turn a $1,000 investment into $100,000 in less than a year.

-Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Mass Communication as Deflection.

-A colloquium on the history of carpetbagging.

-Quid Pro $: Charitable “Foundation” as Cash Cow.

-How To Do a Southern Accent.

-“What Difference, at This Point, Does It Make?” Avoiding Responsibility, in Theory and Reality.

-Introduction to Server Management.

-Intermediate Data Wiping.

-Wisconsin, an Introduction.

-Dossier: form follows function.

Too bad.

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