Grenell to Newsmax TV: California’s Newsom Losing Dem Support Over COVID Response

Grenell to Newsmax TV: California's Newsom Losing Dem Support Over COVID Response

Beleaguered California Gov. Gavin Newsom is fast losing support from Democrat voters because of a state COVID-19 response that doesn’t “make sense,” former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell told Newsmax TV on Monday.

In an interview on “National Report,” Grenell said “if you live in California, you have a majority of your circle of friends who are liberals, are Democrats — I really learned a lot.”

“My whole social circle, which was very much for Gavin Newsom when he ran, are now collecting signatures to get him out,” Grenell said of the recall movement Newsom now faces.

There’s “reasons why,” Grenell added — all related to his handling of the virus that has killed 44,155 people in the state, according to Johns Hopkins University.

“He’s ignored science. He’s played politics with it,” Grenell charged, noting the closure of beaches at the start of the pandemic.

“Why is it that California gyms are still shut down?” he continued. “We can’t go inside restaurants. People outside of California they do not understand the crackdown that  he has implemented.

“This is all politics. None of it makes sense,” he declared.

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