Greg Kelly Criticizes Biden’s Dog, Internet Barks Back

Greg Kelly Criticizes Biden's Dog, Internet Barks Back

The mainstream media is dogging Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly for expressing concern for President Joe Biden’s dog Champ, barking loudly about comments made Friday night on “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“Did you see the dog?” Kelly says, opening a segment with presidential historians Craig Shirley and Doug Wead, calling Champ a dog that “looks like from the junkyard.” “Let’s show this: Doesn’t he look a little, a little rough? I love dogs, but this dog needs a bath and a comb and all kinds of love and care. 

“I’ve never seen a dog in the White House like this. I remember back, Buddy, I remember Millie. I remember lots of dogs, but not a dog who seems – I don’t know, I don’t know how much love and care he is getting. 

“I’m having fun with this, obviously.”

While Media Matters, a leftist propaganda site founded by Democrat operative David Brock, called it a “rabid verbal attack,” Shirley responded that the dog’s hygiene, or lack thereof, is fair comment.

“He looks very dirty and disheveled and very unlike a presidential dog, Millie or Victory or something else in the past of the president’s White House,” Shirley told Kelly.

Biden defenders in the media were not laughing, including MSNBC’s Brian Williams on “11th Hour.

“I know, because Champ can’t speak for himself, here’s what you should know about the Biden’s very good dog: First of all, he’s 12 and if you know German Shepherds, you know that’s old for that breed,” Williams said after airing the Newsmax TV segment.

“And, think of it this way: If Champ were to meet Greg Kelly, he would probably love Greg Kelly unconditionally, because that’s what dogs do. It’s probably also why there are no dogs anchoring on Newsmax.”

It was a big dogbone for the Drudge Report and Twitter leftists.

CNN’s Jon Passantino breathlessly rushed to Champs defense, tweeting:

“Literally attacking Joe Biden’s dog because of his looks”

The Atlantic Edward-Isaac Dovere ironically noted “Saturday Night Live” would not “get away” with criticizing the White House dog – ignoring the fact the leftist comedy show rarely criticizes Democrats – tweeting:

“SNL couldn’t get away with a cold open of a two person panel coming on Newsmax to discuss how upset they are by Biden’s dog needing a bath”

Leftist site The Daily Beast called it a “desperate segment” in an apparent show of more concern for politics and defending the president than the dog’s hygiene. 

Brian Tashman, whose Twitter bio reads “ACLU researcher,” tweeted:

“Conservative cancel culture comes for Champ Biden.”

Mediaite noted the @OvalPawffice Twitter account mentioned by Kelly has been suspended:

“To be clear, the account he cited has since been suspended and based on a record on the Wayback Machine, the Twitter bio clarified that this was a fan account and not a White House account.”

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